Terra Nova Project

We are convinced that the beauty of a stone is revealed by the one who understands it. That's why we created the Terra Nova project. Showcase the talent of the artists who are the outdoor and landscape architects who trust us.

Beyond a profession, a lifestyle

Make use of the space and make it a pleasant, elegant and captivating place to live. This is where all the landscape gardeners' poetry resides. A talent that calls for both creativity and technical mastery.

A encounter

At the crossroads between art, architecture and life sciences, the landscape architect thinks of landscape as a window on the world. It offers a harmonious encounter with nature in urban and rural environments.

Through the Terra Nova project, we hope to promote this discipline, which is so special and deserves to be promoted. To understand and take an interest in the men and women who make these living spaces a haven of peace.

Discover our ambassadors

Meet those who share our passion.

Serge Scheers

"The company is called Les Jardins d' Idée-Ô because we specialize in everything that is aquatic. I love minerals, water movements, water in the garden... plants and water are essential elements in a garden."

Landscape Architect, Idée-Ô Gardens
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