Passion for creation

Serge Scheers, founder of the company "Les Jardins Idée-Ô" takes us into his universe. Founded more than 30 years ago, Les Jardins Idée-Ô brings together a design office, a nursery and a company. Able to design a garden, to make available all the plants that concern him/her and to take care of the realization.

A space to welcome you

To accompany its customers, the company has created a real haven of peace in Haut-Ittre in Belgium. The design office blends into a magnificent nursery. You have direct access to the plant diversity proposed for the realization of your parks and gardens.

"The company is called Les Jardins d' Idée-Ô because we specialize in everything that is aquatic. I love minerals, water movements, water in the garden... plants and water are essential elements in a garden."

The future of craftsmanship

We welcome many young people to our company. We instill in them the desire to go to the end of things and to be passionate because we are convinced that the future of the craft trades lies there.


Chaussée de Nivelles 19/B
1461 Haut-Ittre

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