Our expertise, natural stone.

Stonalia is an expert in the selection, treatment and distribution of natural stone.

We select, throughout the world, the best that nature has to offer. The most beautiful stones from Asia, Europe and Africa, the fruit of millennia of geological history, are chosen for their qualities, colour palettes and resistance, with the sole aim of embellishing your creations and responding to your imagination. The strength of raw material at the service of your terraces, swimming pool edges, paths and facings...

Slate, our passion.

Stonalia is an expert in natural slate. We select this stone of incomparable quality to provide you with the most outstanding natural slates.


Exceptional longevity

the longevity of natural slate is unparalleled. From decade to decade the natural slate lasts, immutable, unalterable.

Noble and prestigious

Natural slate gives your home a more general character and a significant added value. Natural slate is therefore considered to be a highly qualitative material and a prerequisite for the classification of real estate in the "superior" or "luxury" category.


Slate is also a weather, frost and acid rain resistant material. The slate does not fade under the influence of sunlight and ultraviolet rays.


Our partners trust us

We pride ourselves on providing quality service to our partners and customers. Serge Scheers, a long-standing partner, shares his experience with Stonalia.

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The shale at the origin of slate is a clay that underwent strong pressure during the formation of a mountain range, so each quarry produces a unique slate with different characteristics depending on its origin: some are renowned for their solidity, others for their flexibility or finesse.



The slate is only subjected to artisanal extraction and cracking processes, without any further processing. A simple production process and a natural product with less environmental impact.


It comes in a wide choice of formats, shades of gray and bluish greys and more or less smooth textures allowing the aesthetic rendering you want. Long lasting and long-lasting, its use is a guarantee of quality and value.

Terra Nova by Stonalia.

We are convinced that the beauty of a stone is revealed by the one who understands it. That's why Stonalia is running the Terra Nova project. Showcase the talent of the artists who are the outdoor and landscape architects who trust us.

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